Unit Suspense Schedule

Units are required to submit various reports through the year. The calendar below summarizes due dates for various reports and other deliverables from squadrons. Feel free to link to it. Below the calendar are two documents...a detailed listing of these dates (including regulation references and information on what to send, etc.) and a summary page. Additionally, some items aren't due on specific calendar dates (such as actions to handle upon a change of command); those are addressed in a third reference document below.

Calendar Notes

  • The calendar below specifies due dates in the regulations. Action is sometimes required by higher headquarters prior to these dates, specifically:
    • Wing needs to process finance paperwork (Budget, Consolidated Finance Authorization/CAPF172) by 1 Oct. Therefore, please submit it prior to 15 Sep.
    • Of The Year awards must go through Group prior to arriving at Wing. Please submit well in advance to be sure they'll arrive at Wing by the 15 Jan deadline.
  • The annual non-discrimination briefing doesn't have a specific due date, but must be done at some point during the year.
  • The annual Risk Management (formerly ORM) briefing doesn't have a specific due date but must be done at some point during the year.
  • All units must conduct a Safety Day during the first quarter (Jan-Mar)
  • Finance committees must meet quarterly and the meeting must include a budget review. You should create minutes to document these meetings.

Unit Suspense Dates