National Publications

The official source for publications (indexes, manuals, regulations, pamphlets, and forms) issued by National Headquarters is the National Headquarters web site. This link will take you to the publications page.

Southeast Region & Tennessee Wing Publications

Approved supplements and operation instructions from Southeast Region or Tennessee Wing are listed on this page on the CAP National Headquarters site. Tennessee Wing forms are not listed on the National site; they are available on the forms page of this site.

Important Reminders

  • Directive publications (supplements and operating instructions) must be approved by National Headquarters.
  • Supplements and OIs are the only documents that may direct procedures or requirements at or below Region (CAPR 1-2 para 8.3.1). Documents such as "policy letters" are not authorized.
  • Forms must be prescribed in a directive publication (CAPR 1-2 para 8-4). If you want a form, you must also have a supplement or OI to address use of that form.
  • Non-directive publications (pamphlets, certificates, visual aids) are permitted and may be approved by the unit commander; however, a copy must be sent to the next higher commander upon issue