Administrative Authorizations

General Information

The various administrative authorizations listed in CAPR 10-3 provide units with alternate means of processing certain actions. They also provide means of documenting activities that are not documented in e-Services or by other means. Appropriate use of these authorizations can greatly simplify the administrative burden on units. CAPR 10-3 gives examples for each of these. Additionally, the National HQ site has templates for these on the publications templates page.

Transportation Authorizations & Military Support Authorizations

Units typically won't create these, and units never approve them (they're approved by CAP-USAF). In general, TAs deal with approval for transportation on military aircraft/vehicles and MSAs deal with use of military installations. If your unit is involved in developing one for a unit activity, please consult CAPR 10-3. In particular, pay very close attention to Notes 1 and 2 in Paragraph 1 that discuss securely handling member Social Security Numbers (special requirements apply even if you're only using the "last 4" of member SSNs).

Personnel Authorizations (PAs)

These are used to name boards and committees. They can even be used to do a blanket duty assignment for the unit (i.e. list all positions and the members holding those duties). Both of these uses are largely unnecessary now, as committees and duties can be assigned in e-Services. If, however, you need to assign a committee or board that isn't in the online system or you need to make some other special assignment, a PA is an excellent tool.

PAs are also a formal way for a commander to formally delegate certain authority to his or her staff.

Participation Letters (PLs)

PLs serve to verify member attendance/participation at events. These are the way to make a formal record of such participation. They can also authorize participation in an event and clarify details such as transportation for the event (i.e. if it will be provided by COVs or if POVs will be required).